Contract Packaging


Apricity is more than a contract packaging / contract manufacturing vendor. We recognize and treat your products as if they were our own through our diligent attention to quality.

With locations in Neenah and Milwaukee, Apricity is here to help.

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Shrink Wrapping

Our multi-pack shrink wrapping services are a great option for quantity-limited retail promotions. We can shrink wrap your products in multiples rather than singles to create value-packaging and move your products faster. Include a custom-printed card or tray to promote the value.

Shrink wrapping services from Apricity Contract Packaging completely enclose your product with crystal clear shrink film. Shrink wrapping retail products provides clear display visibility, brand identification, package cleanliness and protection.

Parts Assembly

By producing line-ready subassemblies, parts kitting, small parts assembly and packaging we support local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Our focus is to support the OEMs as a profitable extension of their business by helping to eliminate the need for additional overhead, assets and a larger in-house footprint.


Manual cartoning services are ideal for packages containing particularly arranged and small to medium sized runs. Great for retail consumable products, promotional campaigns, and mailing applications, manually packed cartons can be self-locking with no need for adhesives or our auto gluing machine can professionally glue cartons closed. Our white room space has good manufacturing practices in place and outlined in our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Hand Assembly

For small volume applications that do not justify full automation, we offer semiautomatic or hand assembly. This can be ideal for parts, startup volumes and prototypes; projects that do not warrant automation. Our manual assembly team is highly skilled at assembling projects with precision and accuracy. Allow us to pack your product and ship it for you by taking advantage of our contract packaging and fulfillment services.

Temporary Labor Alternative

There are many reasons that brings a manufacturing company to call on a temporary labor staffing agency for hiring skilled workers; an overwhelming project, extremely busy season or a shortage of qualified candidates to hire. Consider an alternative to hiring temp labor by contracting with Aprictiy, we have an in-house staff who can assist in your manufacturing process on site at Apricity. We are a solution for the manufactures who are short on staff and space.

Apricity Contract Packaging can save you the costs of hiring a full-time employee for a short period of time, training permanent and temporary employees and retraining a temporary labor crew.

Sample Preparation

Whether you need sample packs produced, sample packs attached to a primary product, retail market preparation of hand out material or flex pack packages attached to marketing material, Apricity can support your needs. Apricity has white room production capacity, FDA registered facility, GMP compliant, and ISO 9001:2015 certified; all assurance to you that we will effectively prepare your product for retail sample preparation.

POP Display

We can handle your fulfillment and distribution requirements with our supply chain management services. Our solutions encompass inventory management, packaging, order fulfillment, distribution, and other operations necessary to get your product to market in a timely and cost-effective manner. Ship your product and your un-assembled POP display to Apricity Contract Packaging and we will assemble, fill and ship your finished display back to your or direct to your customers.

Inventory Management

Apricity Contract Manufacturing will take on the process of ordering, storing and using a company's inventory: raw materials, components and finished products. We manage your material to complete your finished product.


Apricity can inspect and sort your product to prevent a re-run of the production or to expedite a shipment to your customer.

Die Cutting Services

Steel rule die cutting for cutting paper, non-woven material, cardboard, and rubber.