Employment Program

Recovering from drug abuse is a courageous journey, and finding employment post-recovery can be a crucial step toward stability. Many individuals overcoming addiction face challenges in securing employment due to stigmas and gaps in their resumes.

Apricity Recovery and Support Services Employment Program

Apricity’s employment program

Apricity’s employment program stands as a beacon of hope for those in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, offering employment solely to men and women in the early stages of drug and alcohol recovery. Operations staff and crew are all in recovery from substance use disorder working and growing together. Apricity provides recovery coaches on staff and peer support at work, bridging the gap between recovery from substance use disorder and employment success. Employees not only gain valuable work experience but also develop a sense of purpose, reinforcing their commitment to a drug-free and fulfilling life.

Apricity Contract Packaging is located in Neenah and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Staff and Counselors at Apricity Residential Treatment, located in Appleton, WI, work closely to provide the best continuum of care for clients. Receiving AODA treatment, living options, and working under Apricity's care.

2023 Impact

Apricity Recovery and Support Services Apricity Contract Packaging


"Working at Apricity’s Contract Packaging (ACP) has gotten me in touch with other people in recovery, which helps in maintaining my sobriety. With it being a recovery workplace (ACP), I am constantly supported by peers that can help you talk through anything, and they are the first to keep me accountable. I’m a year sober now! I’ve saved over $3,000. I’ve been working at ACP for 10 months now."

- Current ACP Employee