Recovery 180

The Recovery 180 mobile app is a collaboration between Apricity and WisHope. This innovative mobile app boasts two standout features.

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The Recovery 180 mobile app

The app offers a comprehensive statewide directory of recovery resources, allowing users to filter and locate nearby support no matter their location. Additionally, users can access recovery coaches via chat, phone, or video call directly through the app. This presents a valuable opportunity to connect with peers and access resources, particularly when receiving calls from individuals outside our immediate area. Recovery Coaches and Certified Peer Support Specialists from both WisHope and Apricity will manage peer conversations.

By leveraging Apricity's expertise in addiction treatment and recovery support services, the program ensures that individuals' care and coaching tailored to their specific needs. Pairing with a Recovery Coach or Certified Peer Support Specialist when a person is in need can be a pivotal first step in a person's recovery.

  • Connect with Peer Recovery Coaches
  • Find Substance Abuse and Menth Health Resources around the state
  • Discover local recovery meetings and sober events.
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Recovery 180 is a collaborative initiative between Apricity and WisHope, two renowned substance use disorder treatment centers in Wisconsin. This partnership demonstrates Apricity's commitment to fostering alliances with other organizations to improve the lives of men and women suffering from SUD across Wisconsin, showcasing their dedication to comprehensive recovery and support services.