Recovery stories from those who made their journey with Apricity at Mooring House, Casa Clare, and or Aprcity Contract Packaging (formerly STEP Industries).

"The shame people felt from admitting that they have an addiction is not nearly as bad as the shame of being an addict."

- Randy, a Father

Nic and Liisa's Story

“I wouldn't be able to go back into my environment without some sort of transitional living, which Mooring Programs offered.”

Kristin's Story

"Casa Clare showed me the importance of female relationships ….and finding healthy people.”

What is Step Industries?

“It's a place where everybody there is in recovery.”

John and Michelle's Story

"I like to describe it sometimes like winning the lottery because I have the life today."

"I offer my experience, strength, and hope."

- Liisa, in recovery since 2009


"Just being friends with other addicts was a big change for me.”

Jean's Story - A Mother's Perspective

"Mooring is the best."

Sondra's Story

"Taking all the different steps, at Casa Clare, in the transitional living was exactly what I needed to stay sober."

Four People in Recovery

"I didn't think I was an alcoholic."

A Fathers Journey

Apricity Recovery Support