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"We are a group of strong individuals here with something very strong in common. A desire for a new way of life."

- Former Resident

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Sober Living

Sober Living offers individuals after Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction (AODA) treatment an opportunity to invest time building a stronger foundation for their recovery and stop the revolving door of relapse.

Often a person leaves AODA treatment without the safety and security of housing that honors his or her new recovery lifestyle. Sober Living homes provide a nurturing atmosphere where individuals are empowered to continue their recovery in a long-term, supportive environment with others who are in similar circumstances.

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Sober Living homes build community and prevents isolation. Solitude and lack of support, whether personal or environmental, are two of the most common reasons for relapse. Spending time in a Sober Living house helps individuals in recovery gain strength and confidence from their housemates.

Whether you're committed to strengthening your recovery or you desire safe, sober housing as an investment in you or a loved one's recovery, Apricity is here to help.

If you have not completed a 30-day AODA treatment program, you are not eligible for Apricity Sober Living.

Please review our Residential Treatment pages to learn more about our treatment programs, which may be your first step to SUD treatment.

Studies indicate that the likelihood of maintaining long-term sobriety doubles when those recovering reside in a sober living house.

Sober Living Homes in Fox Cities, Wisconsin

Apricity Sober Living residents further their transition into recovery in a relaxed, low-structure atmosphere. House managers live on site at gender-specific homes: Mahalo for men and Ohana for women. After completing a three-month stay at Mahalo, men may transition to our peer-run home, Mana. Woman can transition to, Ola.

Each home has five-to-six bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Residents participate in weekly family meals, contribute to the home's overall well-being through chores, and attend house meetings. Recovery coaching sessions are also available.

Apricity Sober Living Homes are located within walking distance of Apricity Contract Packaging in Neenah, making the commute to work both safe and convenient for those who choose to work there. Apricity Contract Packaging provides a safe place of employment where individuals can work alongside others on various points of their recovery journeys, while gaining valuable occupational skills and earning a paycheck.

Apricity Sober Living homes are certified by the Wisconsin Association of Sober Housing (W.A.S.H.). W.A.S.H. COMMUNITY is a statewide organization of Recovery/Sober Home and Halfway House providers that provide quality residential recovery service.

Apricity Sober Living homes provide a number of services:

  • A live-in house manager

  • Access to scheduled and structured peer-based services

  • Life skills and personal development workshops

  • Alcohol and drug screenings

  • No fee one-on-one recovery coaching with a Recovery Coach

  • Access to employment and Vocational Learning Center within Apricity Contract Packaging

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Apricity - Certified W.A.S.H. Sober Living Program

Sober Living FAQ

$400 a month includes all utilities. Fees are due on the first of each month. A one-time payment of $100 is due to hold your bed once your application is approved.

You must have completed an AODA residential treatment program or an AODA prison treatment program.

All residents are required to work, attend school or volunteer for 40 hours a week. Apricity Contract Packaging is a great place to work while living here.

The Apricity Sober Living homes are located about one mile from a city bus stop.

Apricity Contract Packaging is a short walk from the homes. Apricity Contract Packaging is a contract manufacturing business that only hires men and women in AODA Recovery.

When you first move in, you will likely have a roommate. Single rooms are available to those who stay long-term when the rooms are available.


“I am very grateful for being offered a chance to move on to the Apricity’s Semi Independent Living Treatment Facility (SILT). I am extremely thankful for this amazing opportunity for a prolonged chance to succeed. I’m excited to be living with like-minded individuals who have been through similar situations, who will support me and who I can support through difficult times. Thank you for choosing me for SILT.”

- Current Resident at Mana