Apricity provides those impacted by substance use disorders a full spectrum of care including treatment, employment and support services in a safe, progressive recovery community.

Apricity Recovery and Support Services

Our History


STEP Industries and The Mooring Programs merge to become Apricity, a progressive recovery community. Apricity is a one-of-a-kind recovery organization that offers treatment, employment, sober living, and education like no other in the country.


The Mooring Programs implemented intensive inpatient treatment at the Mooring House.


Aprictity Contact Packing (formerly STEP Industries, Inc) becomes ISO9001 certified


A new Casa Clare facility was built in Grand Chute, adding intensive inpatient treatment for 20 women.


Casa Clare, a transitional living facility for women, was brought under the Mooring Programs umbrella.


Apricity Contract Packaging (formerly STEP Industries) was the inspiration of an executive of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. He learned that unemployment was often a problem for recovering people, especially for those new to a sober way of life. The stigma of alcohol and drug addiction, a negative work record, or a lack of self-confidence often causes difficulty for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts in need of employment. His solution was to marry this ready and able workforce with labor-intensive projects from Kimberly-Clark and other companies. In 1982 STEP Industries opened for business in Neenah, WI.


The Mooring Programs is established as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The Mooring Programs include a Men's facility (Mooring House) and a Women's facility (Casa Clare). Both locations are state-certified AODA residential facilities that provide individualized comprehensive treatment of substance use disorders.

A Progressive Recovery Community

At Apricity, we believe there is no single path to treatment because there is no single path to substance use disorders. Everyone has unique struggles, needs, challenges, fears, triggers, and most importantly, dreams. We listen until we understand our clients in order to identify and initiate individual treatment options to help ensure their success.

Our AODA/Mental Health counseling staff bring a wide range of personal experience in substance use disorders and recovery. The combination of education, expertise, and empathy are critical components to creating an individualized solution for recovery.

Our focus is on our clients' future. We help them recover their dignity and sense of self-worth. In time, they establish a daily routine and are better able to cope with everyday life. We also offer additional treatment after inpatient services, as well as transitional employment opportunities at Apricity Contract Packaging facilities in Neenah and Milwaukee.