ED2Recovery+ (ED2R+) is peer support and recovery coach services for emergency departments, behavioral health clinics, and treatment centers.

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ED2Recovery+ (ED2R+) provides peer support and recovery coach services for recovery, behavioral health clinics, and treatment centers. Apricity Recovery Coaches and the Peer Recovery Program support these facilities throughout Northeast Wisconsin, offering options for patients with substance use disorders to find the best recovery program while in the emergency room or from a clinic referral. Coaches are on call 365 days a year.

The ED2R+ program exemplifies the power of collaboration between Apricity, Wisconsin healthcare providers, advocacy organizations, and community stakeholders in addressing the challenges of substance use disorders, overdose, and addiction. Through innovative approaches and person-centered care, ED2R+ aims to improve outcomes for individuals affected by substance use disorders.

The collaboration between Wisconsin Voices for Recovery, Apricity, ThedaCare, and Ascension, ED2R+ aims to bridge the gap between emergency care and ongoing support for individuals struggling with substance abuse. The emergency room is seen as a critical touchpoint for intervention, providing a unique opportunity to connect individuals with the resources they need for recovery.

Wisconsin Voices for Recovery at the UW-Madison Department of Family Medicine and Community Health along with ThedaCare Family Foundations have provided re-grant awards to organizations like Apricity to provide funding for Recovery Coaches and Certified Peer Support Specialists. This funding allows recovery coaching and peer support for patients at no cost.

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"I'm so grateful for Apricity. They provided me an opportunity to take a course to become a Recovery Coach, which I did, and I now am part of their Emergency Department to Recovery Plus (ED2R+) program. Who would have ever thought that I would be going to hospital emergency rooms to support another fellow addict get help. I never imagined my life to be like this. I truthfully thought I was going to be getting high for the rest of my life and dying from this disease, but today I get to proudly say I'm 4 years sober and I couldn't have done it without Apricity."

- Former Apricity Residential Treatment, Contract Packaging, Sober Living. New Recovery Coach