Luanne Funmaker Finds Her Way Home

Apricity Luanne and Son

Luanne Funmaker, former Apricity Residential Treatment client, with her son

During Luanne's stay at Apricity's residential treatment apartment program, this dedicated mom initially traveled to and from Green Bay twice a day to get her son ready for school in the morning and put him to bed at night. To prevent Luanne's son from entering foster care, Apricity was able to eventually have him come stay with her. Luanne could spend more time focused on her recovery with her son by her side.

"My life changed direction when I chose to enter Apricity's services. It's here I strengthened my recovery, established friendships, learned to be a better mom and benefited from peer support. This is where I was given autonomy to continue with their treatment program and have a job while living in their recovery-supportive environment.

Thanks to my strong recovery foundation I built while at Apricity, I was able to exit services successfully in May and move into my very own place with my son. I can honestly say I never thought I'd be where I am today, 2+ years sober. I am overwhelmingly happy and proud."