Marsha Malueg was Apricity’s First ED2R+ Call; Now She is Returning the Call

Apricity Marsha and Rachel

Marsha Malueg, left, with her Recovery Coach, Rachel

Apricity's Emergency Department 2 Recovery Plus (ED2R+) is a peer support program. Recovery Coaches respond 24/7 when someone presents at Emergency Departments, clinics, outpatient services, and through other partnerships with an opioid or stimulant overdose or history of misuse. Coaches in this program can provide continued support for up to 18 months after the introduction.

Marsha was the very first call an Apricity Recovery Coach received at the inception of the program in December 2020. Marsha explains how working with her coach, Rachel, helped her along her recovery journey. "I felt she listened and took the time to support me more than any other people in recovery had. I worked with sponsors before, and working with a Recovery Coach was more beneficial. Rachel didn't place judgment on me and let me make my own decisions and choose my own path to recovery."

Rachel supported Marsha through some tough times along the way. "My best friend overdosed and passed away December 2021. Instead of going out to use, I called Rachel. That is not me - I have a hard time reaching out to people, but Rachel made that easier for me to deal with and I felt comfortable with her."

Marsha confirms her recovery has improved her relationship with her family. It also inspired her to set a goal to become a Recovery Coach herself because she has a passion for helping people and feels serving in this way would allow her to give back to people and truly make a difference. She just achieved this goal in November! Marsha has many things to celebrate!